NAGASAKI that sealed-US military cameraman was thawed saw

Now, photos of a single atomic bomb has been attracting attention.
And photographer of one who died last year, Empress is, I stated about the photo.

From the Imperial Household Agency website
And entitled “boy standing in Yakiba”, it piggybacks brother dead, stand to take the upright position firmly, little boy.
The figure will not remain in the eye even now.

’63 Before, was shot in the crematorium of Nagasaki from now, boy.

‘re Carrying is the younger brother died in the atomic bomb.

While waiting for the order to burn his brother, boy withstand the grief.

You say to the lips you clench your teeth, blood had blurred.

Belonged to the United States Marine Corps 5th Division, was photographed, Joe Odaneru Sergeant.

Summer of last year, passed away at 85 years old.

9, 1945, August, atomic bomb of one shot is, devoured Nagasaki, 70,004 thousand people were killed.

Mission of Odaneru that entered the Nagasaki as occupying forces, was to record the destructive power of the atomic bomb.
It rebelled against the military orders, secretly, Odaneru is, had taken 30 photos at this time.

But then, without being published for a long time, photo has been sealed.

Trunk photo has been hidden.

His later years, remove the photo suddenly from here, Odaneru begin publication.
Why did we published a photo that has been sealed?
This year, tape you confess that I think, was found among the relics.
Now, to us, 30 photos of Odaneru is, has asked the meaning of the war.



From tape Odaneru
Look at the mushroom cloud, “the United States had thought the war was over.
But that, he was the beginning and over the last 50 years, the suffering of the Japanese people who survived ”

Recorded in the United States-Nevada

Joe Odaneru who left the photos of Nagasaki.
His son, Taigu-Odaneru is (38) ‘s.

Work in hotels, Taigu who had been living unrelated to the photos.
My father died last year, it was decided as a relic, to take over the photo.

I was told my father, put in the attic trunk that has been used in the army, the family, and, Na absolutely open.
However, in ’43 after I returned from abroad to the United States, when the 67-year-old, father I opened the trunk suddenly.

There were taken in violation of the rules of the military, photos Nagasaki was hidden.
American troops did not allow shooting only with a camera that has been decided at the time.
However, in my camera that brought secretly, Odaneru father is, I had continued to shoot.

The negative of the 30 pieces that are left, and the city of Nagasaki was destroyed, the figure of Japanese living in the rubble had been captured.

Why my father, whether photographs were taken by disobeying instructions.

In the wake of the death of his father, Taigu’s, trying to Semaro to think that.

Taigu said:
“Was it taken why, why hide even 43 years, my father did not speak anything. Me I want to know the truth”

In the relics, Taigu’s this year, I found a tape that was recorded the natural voice of his father.

It was that five years ago, curator of the local library has been hear in order to collect the experience of war.
What happened in Nagasaki.
The father Odaneru, had began to speak from the reason you have volunteered for the army.

From tape
Pearl Harbor attack. Me by the Japanese army suddenly “is vengeful, I volunteered in the Marine Corps.
In order to anger the Japanese, to kill the Japanese, and he went into the army.

Odaneru who volunteered to soldiers from the hatred of Japan.
Winter of 19 years old, enlisted in the Marine Corps, and was assigned to the photographic recording team.
It was left in the memoirs, a state of mind when in August 1945, heard the news of the bombing for the first time.
“The new weapon was dropped on Japan. 100,000 people much seems dead.
Initially, I thought it was inspiring propaganda confrontation with Japanese asshole that shit, but likely.
This war is over anyway ”

A month has passed from the end of the war, September 22.
As occupation forces, Marines fifth division that belongs to Odaneru has landed in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.

While taking the appearance of damage, Odaneru is, went towards the epicenter of the Nagasaki atomic bomb was dropped.

From tape
Remembered as that of “yesterday.
1945, on a mission to record the destruction situation of the atomic bomb, I went into Nagasaki ”

Odaneru you set foot on Nagasaki, you shocked at the sight.
Of approximately 1 km from the hypocenter, Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd. plant.

Employees of more than a thousand people had died.

Student 500 meters from the hypocenter, 130 people were killed, it is Chinzei School.

One step at a time, while closer to the epicenter, according to mission, Odaneru went to record its destructive power.

This is ground zero you have arrived.

American soldiers, were called (the hypocenter) Ground Zero, the location.
For Odaneru you did not hear only the new weapons, the reality in front of the eyes, was what it was far beyond the imagination.

From tape
While stumble into rubble and ash, “I looked over the epicenter.
Was shocking.
There, there was no trace of civilization where people lived.
It was the destruction of unbelievably yourself and standing on the earth ”

It is a sign that stood American troops near the hypocenter.

Atomic field (ATOMICFIELD)
Army had made in the rubble, it was that of the airfield.

I’ve noticed changes Taigu’s son, of the photos had examined the photograph of his father.

Taigu said:
“People seems has been taken”

The back of the rubble of the atomic field, figure that I had photographed.
It was a figure of the family that has faced the remains.

Taigu said:
“One person, a person is also reflected”

That it is not supposed to take the Japanese without permission, disobeyed military orders, Odaneru is, I started shooting secretly the people living there.
It is a photograph that was taken in the vicinity of the epicenter.
This boy has been with, the after Odaneru that had chocolate.
Appearance of the parent is not found around, on the back, it had been carrying a baby that was injured.

From tape
Atomic bomb or battlefield, children “Many had lost their parents.
Children who survived had to support it become loco parentis, a young sister and brother ”

Odaneru met, it is the young brother.
3 people who Nestled in the rubble, Odaneru has held out an apple that had.

From tape
Child of “older, wrested the apple out of my hand.
They were hungry.
Is divided in three, it was eaten rather than skin, to the core ”

In the town of ruins, Odaneru came across girl who dressed in costume to celebrate.

After taking a photo, a mother who is approaching, told Odaneru.
“This kid’s ears no longer hear the roar”

Odaneru you had continued shooting of Japanese, went to the aid station that survivors receive treatment.

And I witnessed, the reality bomb brings to human beings.

Movie company in Japan have taken, it is an image of extraordinary aid station.

Odaneru was visiting here.
For survivors of the one that I met there, I’m told.

From tape
And wounded so far met, that person “I have seen, was quite different.

There was no hair to him. Nose eyebrows and ears and did not.
Not prototype that can be said to face, it was a lump of meat.

He said to me.
“You’ll be the enemy. Please kill ”
Away from him to run away, I turned around to another patient.
When you leave the room, I saw him again.
It has been said, “kill me” yet.
There was nothing like that you can yourself.
At that time, from his eyes that was not visible only to lump of meat, tears were flowing ”

How that survivors or became.
That night, Odaneru was unable to sleep.
When asked the next day first-aid station, there was no other figure of the survivors on the bed.
Odaneru has been photographed only one here.
Dude burns in the hot wire, had been wandering the Sichuan, it was back of another boy.

From tape
I saw things that I do not think those of “this world.
It was really terrible.
Bomb disease …… dead people, children, their mothers, who die soon, and people are starving.

While you are shooting people who were hurt too much hatred that it had Japanese disappeared.
I changed into mercy from hatred.
The same person, why humans, what had been a horrible thing like this.

I can not understand ”

Is Father continued shooting in any feelings.
Taigu’s son, visited was on the same mission, the photographer of the original United States Armed Forces.
Norman Hatch’s (United States Marine Corps and former Major), is 87 years old.
Since September of 1945, GHQ has been to strengthen the regulation of the A-bomb coverage.
Record Han says Discard the feelings of the individual, and had to be devoted to the record.

Mr. Hatch:
“I avoid contact with the shooting target.
It’s that even if a person wounded example, even though dead.
I do not need to record team becomes sentimental.

It is not allowed, such as my camera for ”

Taigu said:
“You said, record team and should not become sentimental, but I think my mind that said they were moved to the figure of a Japanese father.
My father, might be disqualified as a soldier indeed.

But my father, could not discard the feelings ”

Epicenter around.
There is a place where Odaneru has taken most.

On a hill overlooking the town of ruins, it was a building built barely.
Is the Urakami Cathedral.

By the bombing, followers of 8500 people, died in Nagasaki.

Statue was burned hot wire.

Odaneru was chasing the tip of the eye.
Was turned into a scorched earth of as far as the eye can see, had spread there, it was the city of Nagasaki.

Urakami River running through the north and south Nagasaki.

You encounter Odaneru that went down to the banks is, the sight of a lifetime.
There was a crematorium.
A boy came walking in burnt ruins.
Boy, had been carrying a dead body of a small brother on the back.

From tape
Boy “alone appeared.
On the back, it seemed to be carrying a young brother.
Remove from the back a brother, two men were in the crematorium, was placed in a flame gently.

He was kept standing in silence.
Like, as if they were a salute.

Was barefoot.
Fire, had dyed red his cheek.
He does not cry, just had clenching his lips.

And without saying anything, went go away ”

Odaneru was filmed over seven months, the areas such as Sasebo and Nagasaki.
Negatives were taken as a mission, submitted to the military.
Negatives of individuals who were taken secretly, placed in a box that was written and opened prohibited, and glorified in the film of unused, I went brought back to the United States.

In memory of in Nagasaki, after returning Odaneru is tormented spirit.

From tape
Wriggling maggots that the body of “survivors who, calls for help, nasty smell acrid.

I tried to keep recall, the scene like a nightmare you saw in Nagasaki.
But the scene is not far from the head, I kept Sainami me.
I wonder said decision of the United States at that time, was right.

Can not sleep, even as you sleep.
Nightmare he does not end.
I did not want to look at the pictures.
If you look, it is pulled back at the time of that 1945, nightmare of Nagasaki would be revived.

The other does not see, nothing was impossible to me. ”

In order to escape from suffering, Odaneru was sealed in the trunk all the photos.
Did not have to hide in the attic room, 43 years later, it opened.

After returning to the United States, without having to talk about storage in Nagasaki, Odaneru has started a new life.
Married from retired military, between the Ellen’s wife, and blessed with two children Jennifer, that’s Taigu, we build a happy family.

Taigu said:
It was a gentle “father. I was trying to build a good family.
Well, it took me to Disneyland.
It was a family always together.

There was that the family was forbidden only.

Taigu said:
“The only trunk of army green, and not touch absolutely Whatever it is, I had been told all the time anyway”

What is inside, did not have to be informed to the family.

In 1949, three years after his return, Odaneru worked for the United States Information Agency.
Been appointed to the exclusive photographer of the President, I began working at the White House.

Issued a decision of the atomic bomb dropped on Japan, and was responsible for the first time, it was President Truman.
And justify the atomic bombings, the United States, was to strengthen the nuclear strategy.

President Truman:
“The atomic bombing, because it is to end the war quickly.

Of young American soldiers of many, it was to save a life ”

News video tell the success of the nuclear test
Nuclear testing has begun in the desert, the economic effect is also up, Las Vegas success.
Also appeared Idol “Miss Atomic Bomb”.
How do you think that you have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.
Only once, Odaneru was bumped to President Truman, the thought of their own.
President Truman, met with MacArthur commander who had led the Korean War, it was the events of 1950.

From tape
“” President, in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, I was taking pictures.
You, Have you regretted, that it has dropped the atomic bomb on Japan? ”

He was upset, it was said, in the face red.

Is it of course “. However, the bombing is not the idea of me. From the President before, I just simply took over. ‘”

And nuclear strategy that native American push, I saw in Nagasaki, reality bomb brings to human beings.
Odaneru was to deepen anguish.

Army! Navy! Coast Guard! Marines! Air Force!
This is America!
May every year, in Washington, commemorative parade by veterans is done.
Fought against the enemy Japanese in the second World War, the United States, has been praised Odaneru our veterans.
Veterans became the elderly, still, many of them, believe in the legitimacy of the bombing.

“Atomic bomb, would not bad, even compared to the Pearl Harbor attack in Japan”

Veterans of another:
“The. Mother atomic bomb was necessary, there is not any sense of guilt”

Accident will slow, the body of Odaneru.

And deformation of the spine pain, skin cancer.
Odaneru was convinced that it is symptoms due to the atomic bomb.

From tape
I was supposed to be .25 times the accident occurred around the “body also surgery.
While leave is fed to ground zero, the military did not give me any information.

And to say there was a pretty terrible radioactive contamination, without knowing anything, plenty of time, I was in the epicenter of the Nagasaki very ”

When’s damage caused by the atomic bomb, Odaneru has sought compensation to the United States government, but the appeal was rejected.

In 1989, the fate of Odaneru will change.
Odaneru will encounter in the monastery we stopped by chance, had been decorated in there, the statue of the anti-nuclear movement.

In the whole body, photos of survivors had been affixed.
The waist, Two Girls wandering the epicenter.

The right arm, there was a figure of people wounded form a column.

From tape
“I was shocked to see the statue.
Photos of the survivors who is without sin, he had been affixed to the whole body of the statue.
Are women, many of them, were children.
Feelings when you saw it, it is not beyond description.
Memory of Nagasaki resurrection, it became very painful.
But I felt the biting to be something.
It was a revelation indeed.

I also, and must tell the world the truth, you have taken ”

Go to the attic, 43 years, Odaneru was opened the trunk.
Without rot, negative entitled Nagasaki, had remained at the time.

The appearance of Odaneru you open the trunk, began to side-by-side photos of the atomic bomb, the family will receive a shock.

Taigu said:
“One day, when the mother came home, my father opened the trunk, I had side-by-side photos of the atomic bomb in the kitchen.
From photos of ground zero and survivors, mother was turned away his eyes.
Shock I was too large for the mother ”

1990, by stretching the photo of Nagasaki, Odaneru tried a photo exhibition in various parts of the United States.

However, facilities that accept pictures of the atomic bomb, there was little.

If you’ll have posted on this, it was around the publishers in the United States, but the 35 companies that were around, it was refused to all.

1995 50 years after the end of World War II, in the fierce opposition of local veterans, exhibition of photographs was finally decided in the National Air and Space Museum was also forced to abort.

Hate mail is to come in the house, in the local newspaper, letters to criticize the Odaneru now also stand out.
The family was happy, collapse at once from opening the trunk, Ellen’s wife has divorced you can not understand the behavior of the husband.
Bombing has put an end to war, was reduced victims.
Before a justice of the United States homeland, Odaneru went deeper isolation.

From tape
The Do not get me wrong if “.
I’m American.
I love America, and fought for the country.
However, it was not possible that it was not, the mistakes of the home country.
Veterans, will not you understand that my.
The stay in that place, I walked over the nuclear fallout, I, I saw the devastation in this eye.
Japanese army, was a terrible thing for China and South Korea certainly.
However, the little children, or would have to do something.

In order to win the war, really, or would have had to kill their mother.

1945, that the atomic bomb, was wrong again.

It, even after 100 years, continues to be a mistake.

You are absolutely wrong. Absolutely.
Say and repeat history, but history should not be repeated also and there should be ”

Photos and it was sealed, Odaneru you facing again.

And from the past 70 years old, publish the photos in Japan, and began to talk about the activities experience.
The Taigu’s son, I was asked to hear the person who was an interpreter of his father at the time, and in America.
Richard Lamaze’s is (84).
My father had been reunited with the survivors visited Nagasaki, were taken.

Boy who was shot in the first-aid station, I had survived.
The exchange over the decades the boy, and Mr. Taniguchi Ryo嘩, in Japan, Odaneru was around and sued the mistakes of both atomic bomb.

It had cared most Odaneru is, it was a boy standing in Yakiba.

Do not be reunited as Mr. Taniguchi.
You said he is looking for the whereabouts in Japan.

Lamaze said:
The “Odaneru, the boy in this photo, there was a very feelings.

At that time, it embraced the shoulder of the boy, and I wanted to put the words of encouragement something, it was talking all the time.
However, it failed to ”

While open the photo exhibition in Japan, Odaneru has been searching for the whereabouts of the boy.

Do not people who know someone, family and or not alive, it was around and visit all over the country.

From tape
“I was desperately looking for the boy.
I had put a “Do not know this boy” is also in Japanese newspapers.

After that, the boy wonder went to live alone.

Finally, it was not possible to meet him. ”

Decades in search of whereabouts.
However, that grab the whereabouts of the boy, it was not possible at last.
In which to live back and forth between Japan and the United States, medical condition of Odaneru will continue to deteriorate.
Pain in the spine becomes serious, skin cancer had spread to the whole body.
And last summer, Joe Odaneru was to take over a breath at 85 years old.
Coincidentally, the same atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki, that day was August 9.

In the course of listening to the tape that was left, Taigu son’s, will know that I think.

From tape
Is not whether we like “Americans prefer, and come every year on the 9th and August 6th.

Post letters and harassment, come around more and more.
“You’re a traitor”
And “go to Japan if the United States is unpleasant.”

When there, my daughter told me.
In the activities of “Dad, there is only one post to allies.
It was a very positive content, dad and “are saying was the right thing.

The voice of criticism to me, that post is he had me to refute.
I want to say to those who criticize “Odaneru.
And go to the library first. I as previously.
The white criticism What was the atomic bomb, what you have, go to the library, and from studying history.

And go to the library. YOU would receive the teachings ”

And I read it, and absorbing it great, I look at the name, it was my son.
The same as when I was in Japan, my son, was around 23 years old of.
Then, my son told me this.
The later “in ’50, I when it becomes much dad, I went to Japan and take over that it was trying to do the dad.
For peace, over the course of their lives, we will tell the photos’ ”

Taigu said:
“I did not fully understand the suffering of the father.
In the United States, photos of father, inspire mixed feelings.

But my father, had witnessed.
I was motivated in the storage.
If you go back to those days if I wanted to give become supportive of the father ”

American home, and my father kept asking the meaning of the atomic bombing.
It drew its bequest, last year, towards the United States, Taigu’s has released a photo of his father.


Photos, criticism will begin gathering.
“Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was necessary”
The “There ‘s no need to apologize”
However, the voice that was not seen in the days of my father, has been received.
I saw a boy of “Nagasaki.
The appearance that you are enduring grief, breast have been tightened.
Did not have that in the photograph of the atomic bomb, was unmoved so ”

It is a voice from Iraq veterans.
“This photo is convey the reality of war.
When was this photograph was photographed in Iraq, then the Americans, might reconsider stationed to Iraq ”

Based on 8 months, of Mr. Taigu, opinions were arrived from unexpected people by publishing the photo.
It was something my mother, from Ellen.
’13, Mother stood to contact the father, had been told of the chest with divorce.
I’ve heard it means the photo of “father, and has been busy.
Joe passed away, I believe the meaning of his actions.
But still, open the trunk, why Joe is whether the accused the home country, it remains that I do not know.
However, this much is certain.
That photo of him, has affected many people.
And is that Joe is proud of you, that took over the photograph ”

Taigu said:
That the photos my father left behind have feel something a lot of people, “Mother, you have me to understand.
Time passed, the United States, you have changed a little with decades ago.
And I think people who are staring at the past, such as a photograph, to the acceptance in a manner that was different also, and I’m more ”

From the death of Joe Odaneru, one year soon.

This summer, in Nagasaki (Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum), the first photo exhibition was held.

Taigu san, was invited as a survivor.
At the venue, it was decided to Taniguchi Ryo嘩’s bomb survivors (79) and, to meet for the first time.
Odaneru father has taken 63 years ago, is back of Mr. Taniguchi.
This is the back of the “right now.
The new after, I had surgery last year ”

Taigu said:
“Much still, I’m being operated”

The following in the footsteps of his father, Taigu Mr. around the place that has been recorded in the photos.

Ahead of the eye of the statue (of Urakami Cathedral), father, witnessed the Nagasaki burnt ruins of the past.


’63 From there.
In Nagasaki, Taigu Ms. towards the lens to form the children play.
During his lifetime, it was to realize, I think the father was hoping.

Taigu said:
“My father told me before dying. And” there was no smile on Nagasaki that day “.
“Nagasaki someday, you want to take the children smile,” he said.
And I wanted to respond to it. ”

Photographer of Americans had witnessed the atomic bomb, solved the seal at the end of suffering, Nagasaki.
It should be noted that, in modern swaying the threat of nuclear, 30 photos has complained, and the reality of war, the preciousness that keeps tell it even now.

From tape
Even a small stone “Even if, when thrown into a pond, the ripples will spread.

The spread little by little, it should reach the land someday.
Also land called the United States, the day it reaches come.
If someone give me followed, ripples will spread further.

And one day, the day that everyone can feel the peace comes, I believe ”


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